Friday, September 19, 2008

Cars, Daycare, and Static Oh My!

Well I finally have a mode of transportation after four mind numbing days of solitude that resulted in me having conversations with all manner of inanimate objects. I am now cruising around in a Toyota Highlander with Jack and I am loving it! Jack and I went to visit his day care today and get to know Phyllis more. It was a great meeting and she was so thrilled to see Jack and meet him for the first time. She marveled at how cute and well behaved he was which are nice things for a mother to hear.

On our way back from Phyllis's Jack started to get a little fussy in the car and to my horror I realized that I couldn't reach into the back seat and put his pacifier in because the Highlander is so big! I remembered a suggestion I had once gotten from another mother who said that if you kid gets fussy tune to static and crank it up. Wouldn't you know who piped right back down until he got home?! Thats right it worked! When he got fussy ten minutes ago and wouldn't go down for his nap I tried the same trick and literally within 30 seconds his eyes were rolled back in his head and he is now sleeping in his crib.

Jack simply does not sleep in his crib in the day time (well who are we kidding he doesn't sleep in it at all right now!) so I am particularly pleased that he is down for a nap in the crib! Go static! While it does sound like we are under the ocean it is a small price to pay for naps.

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