Monday, September 22, 2008

What a weekend!

Well Jack has had a busy weekend going to yard sales, seeing his Aunt's art show, and going clothes shopping with mom and dad. We scored a new playmat for Jack at the family yard sale and he is enjoying playing with it in front of his favorite window. He is particularly taken with a colorful octopus that hangs from the top and he gets really excited when he sees that he is batting at it.
We also got a very cute hat with matching mittens. Before you know it we will be putting those new items into use because the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are already changing.

Jack got two packages last week including a nice book from his Grandmother filled with different games we can play together. His other package was a gift from his little friend in Australia! I met a woman on my web forum for mothers and she had her son a week before Jack was born. We check in most days on the web forum and she commonly uses the term, "cheeky monkey" when referring to her son's antics. I was always so amused with the phrase so she sent us this bib with a monkey on it with that saying. Jack and I plan to send her a bib back but we just have to pick it out.

Jack is discovering his fists in a serious way. This morning while I was getting dressed he munched on both hands on the bed and then continued to munch on them while I was changing him. He then continued to munch on them while he was on his playmat so it looked like he was getting ready to box his octopus!

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