Thursday, September 18, 2008

We survived our shots!

Jack has made it through to the other side of his first round of immunizations. He took the actual shots like a champ and while he cried he was easily consoled shortly after. It wasn't until later in the day that he started to show signs of coming un-glued. He was fussy and then had periods where he would just wail. Poor little man! We gave him Tylenol every four hours and this seemed to help. He then slept without a hitch and woke up at his normal feeding times 1 and 4am. He is back to his happy old self and is cooing in front of the window.

Brian's car is yet again needing a repair and I find myself on day 4 without a way to really get out of the house. At this point someone might just find me talking to a house plant. Jack and I are going to spend the day gathering fire wood to build an enormous pyre to float Brian's car down the Ganges. We will wave as it floats off to its watery fiery death. I think at this point Brian has had to with the car as well and he is ready to ram it into a tree!

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