Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's shot day....

From Floor Jack

The day I have been dreading is here and Jack gets his two month shots today. Hopefully he will brave them and come out unscathed. We have his 2 month appointment at 11:45 and I am curious to see how much weight he will have gained in the 2 months. When he was born he was 7 pounds 4.2 ounces and at his last appointment he was up to 8 pounds. Brian and I both are guessing that he is definitely in the double digits and he has definitely grown taller.

We have our mommies group later in the day so depending on Jack's demeanor following his shots we plan on attending. The weather here is getting cooler by the day and Jack and I are in pants, long sleeves and socks! The air has that distinct crisp quality to it and fall is on its way. Brian and I can't wait to take Jack apple picking at the local apple orchard. We both love the process of apple picking (mostly I think because of the food involved!) We get to eat not only the crunchy sweet apples but the orchard usually has freshly made hot cider doughnuts and hot apple cider. I tend to make a lot of apple pies in the fall as well and nothing is better than using fresh apples picked locally.

Wish us luck today!

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