Monday, September 29, 2008

Hard to imagine

Jack changes so much from day to day that its pretty hard to imagine that almost 10 weeks ago he looked and acted totally different. He now has a schedule and definite likes and dislikes. He can locate his fists and jam then quite contentedly into his mouth. He can smile, giggle, and kick his chubby thighs. He recognizes Mom and Dad and he tracks people as they move around. He is learning that when he kicks during bath time he can splash and this has resulted in some pretty wild bath times! The wonderous part of being a parent though is that everyday is a new adventure. Every day we learn more about one another. I love the days where I discover something else that amuses him. I love when he smiles up at me because he has determined another word I say strikes his fancy. Today that word is kitty cat. Who knew that kitty cat was such a funny word?

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