Thursday, September 25, 2008

New friends!

We have had a productive week and have made a new friend. On Monday I was taking Jack in from the car when a passing car waved at us. I assumed the driver thought we were someone else but then several hours later I saw the same car pull into our parking lot. A woman got out and waved up at me (Jack and I were sitting in front of the glass sliding door.) Turns out she has a 6 week old baby and has seen me walking around the complex with Jack. We met up and went for a nice long walk and then sat on the grassy area by the tennis courts for an hour or two! It was great and Jack met his new friend Nia who has so much more hair than Jack that its hilarious!

Jack is now way into his fists. He delights in trying to shove both fists into his mouth at the same time. He is now slurping on them which is really quite amusing. The other night he got a little too into his fists and chomped on them a little harder than he expected and started to cry! Poor surprised baby!

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